Race Rules

By participating in the race, you signify that you are aware of and agree that there is no known physical or mental condition that would endanger you or anyone else if you participate in the Bone and Back Race, and that you have sufficiently prepared for this activity. You also agree to indemnfy and hold harmless event sponsors, officials, organizations, agents, event volunteers, and employees for any and all injuries and/or damages. Participants under 18 must have parental consent. Each runner must complete a 5-mile leg of the 40-mile run carrying the supplied ” BONE baton” and passing it off to the successive runner. (No mid-leg substitutions are allowed!) Runners may run more that one 5-mile leg, but each leg must be the designated 5 miles. Each team must supply no more than one (1) support vehicle. Teams that do not meet the criteria may still participate, but are not eligible for team awards. Team members are asked to keep the roadways clear at the hand off locations to avoid interference with runners making exchanges. Support vehicles are to be pulled off the roadway and onto the shoulder when stopping. If you have any questions about the race, send us a note at vectortiming@gmail.com .